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This is a set of very nice antiquarian (circa 1900) caricatures done by Georges Goursat, a popular caricaturist of France's "Belle Epoque" period who was known as "SEM" and whose drawings typically featured the social elite, actors, singers, politicians, and the like who frequented Maxim's, Longchamp Downs, etc.  He published many of his drawings in various French newspapers and magazines.

EL MATADOR by Georges Goursat (SEM) El Matador
Chinese Tie for Dog by Georges Goursat (SEM) Charvet Chinese Tie for my Dog!
Chez Maxims by Georges Goursat (SEM) Le Monsieur of Chez Maxim's: Maurice Bertrand

Charleston Jazz from White Bottoms Album by Georges Goursat (SEM) Charleston Jazz: White Bottoms

Chez O'Rossen (SEM Georges Goursat) Chez O'Rossen
Henry Delamarre & Vicomte de la Redorte (Georges Goursat SEM) Henry Delamarre & Vicomte de la Redorte
Mlle. Cleo de Merode
Gillibert(Georges Goursat SEM) Mlle. Cleo de Merode et Gillibert: Monte Carlo
General Prince Murat(Georges Goursat SEM) General Prince Murat
Lord Carnarvon, Jockey Tod Sloan, Monsieur Broet(Georges Goursat SEM) Lord Carnarvon, Jockey Tod Sloan, Monsieur Broet
Au Pesage de Longchamp(Georges Goursat SEM) Au Pesage de Longchamp
Baron de Bartholdi(Georges Goursat SEM) Baron de Bartholdi
Jane du Parc, Paris(Georges Goursat SEM) Jane du Parc, Paris
Jean-Louis Forain & Caran d'Ache(Georges Goursat SEM) Jean-Louis Forain & Caran d'Ache
Mlle. Juanita de Frezzia
Jeanne D'Arcy
Colonel Scheuniger (Cristobal)(Georges Goursat SEM) Mlle. Juanita de Frezzia, Jeanne D'Arcy, Colonel Scheuniger (Cristobal)
Three Men and a Dog(Georges Goursat SEM) Three Men and a Dog
Rose Demay and Blanche de Marcilly(Georges Goursat SEM) Two "Swans": Rose Demay and Blanche de Marcilly
Deauville Madame Madeleine(Georges Goursat SEM) Deauville Madame Madeleine
Wanda de Bonzca, French actress(Georges Goursat SEM) Wanda de Bonzca, French actress