Green Two-Tone
Portable Typewriter
with Case

Serial No. V261110

Approximate Dimensions (case):
11 3/4 inches wide
12 1/2 inches deep
5 inches tall

ca 1930

This Remington portable typewriter is a nice compact size and is in good working condition. The serial number is V261110 indicating the machine was manufactured in 1930.

Condition: This typewriter is in very good used condition. All the glass keys are present with no missing letters or cracks. The keys all work (see sample) with virtually no sticking. The platen is in excellent condition and turns easily. The space bar and carriage return both work properly. The ribbon is included but could stand replacement.

The paint on the typewriter has some wear and a few scratches. The lettering on front and back is in excellent condition.

The handle on the case is broken and partially missing. Otherwise, the case is in very good condition for its age and has done a great job of protecting the typewriter. The latch does close.

The typewriter needs a thorough cleaning and oiling!

Sold by DesertGold_US in 2019 for $185