Antique Caligraph 2 Typewriter
with Wood Cover

Made by the
American Writing Machine Company
New York

Serial No. 13320

ca early 1880s

Approximate Dimensions:
18 1/2 inches long
13 1/2 inches wide
11 inches tall

This antique typewriter was made by the American Writing Machine Company beginning in 1882. The serial number 13320 appears on the top right of the machine; I have been unable to verify the exact date the typewriter was built.

Condition: The entire typewriter needs a good cleaning and oiling. The original Caligraph name on the machine is still visible but very worn. Most of the keys operate but some tend to stick (letters in lower left and lower right). The carriage moves as keys are depressed. The ribbon is still there as are the two ribbon spools on either side. The bell and its striker are there and seem to work. The platen turns easily by hand. The paint is somewhat worn but is in reasonably good condition and still has its original pin striping!


All of the typewriter keys are present though some are missing the glass, metal frame, and paper letter. Three keys have only the underlying metal. One key has just the glass over the metal with no letter or frame. I have one extra glass key cover, one metal frame, and the capital letters "G" and "Z." The glass on the lower case "l" is cracked. The lettering on the lower case "l" and "m" are in a different font style than the rest of the keys, so I think they may have been replaced. The lettering can be easily read, but the glass covers are very dirty. They all need to be cleaned.

The metal parts are in good condition. Some have a bit of corrosion, which will probably clean up pretty well. A couple of spots in back are beginning to show signs of rust.

The typewriter comes with its original cover, which is in very good condition for its age. The name "Caligraph" still appears on the cover. A bit of veneer has peeled off in a few spots. There are a couple of small cracks in the wood. Since there is a keyhole on the cover, I think originally a base came with the typewriter. I don't have it or the key. The cover does a good job of keeping dust out and has probably helped protect the typewriter over the years.

Overall, pretty remarkable condition for a typewriter dating to the 1880s!!

Sold and Exported to Italy by DesertGold: $538 (2015)