Antique Armstrong Typewriter

Made by the
American Typewriter Company
New York

Serial No. 8881

Approximate Dimensions:
12 inches long
12 inches wide
6 inches tall

This antique typewriter was made by the American Typewriter Company. This company began production in 1901. This machine was apparently produced until 1915. The serial number 8881 appears on the bottom of the machine; I have been unable to verify the exact date the typewriter was built.

Condition: All typewriter keys are present. They need a good cleaning, as does the entire typewriter, but the lettering is still quite clear and sharp. The keys operate but some seem a bit out of alignment and often stick. The carriage moves when the space bar is depressed, but it doesn't move very smoothly. The ribbon has small holes in it from use and is twisted at one side. The platen does turn but not freely. The metal parts are virtually rust free.

The machine is missing some paint in spots. It needs a thorough cleaning and oiling. I didn't attempt to clean it for fear of damaging something.

This typewriter is in very good condition for its age. I think someone who knows what they are doing would be able to restore this machine.

Sold by DesertGold: $203 (2015)