Lloyd Mitchell HORSE COUNTRY oil painting{Sold 2014}

Lloyd Mitchell

LLoyd Mitchell HORSE COUNTRY Backside

This is an oil on masonite 24 x 32 inches painting entitled "Horse Country" by the artist Lloyd Mitchell.
The painting depicts a handsome black stallion at the front of a large herd of horses being rounded up by cowboys.

It appears to be in the original wooden frame. The markings on the backside indicate that this is #133.

There are some areas of paint loss (please see photos below) but it is in good condition overall.

The photos below are untouched and were taken with no flash photography.

The Black Stallion

Cowboys Rounding Up The Horses

Cowboys in the Distance

Mesa in the background

Mesas in the background


Plaque on front.

Paint loss_a

Paint Loss_b

Paint Loss_c

Paint Loss on Horse

Wooden Frame

Backside "#133"

Backside "24 x 32"

Backside Upper Right Corner

Backside "Horse Country"

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